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Hockey is not just a sport—it is a lifestyle and a Canadian tradition! This is why our subscription boxes feature carefully curated, high-quality hockey products for the whole family. Get local Canadian hockey related merchandise delivered to your doorstep every quarter—from one hockey family to another!

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For Hockey Lovers, By Hockey Lovers

Pond Hockey Subscription Box works with Canadian-based businesses to provide hockey families with an exceptional hockey box subscription service. Our Canadian-inspired hockey box subscription was established with the dream of bringing families together and nurturing the love of the sport in every family.

The Pond Hockey team is deeply rooted in the hockey community. We want all Canadians to enjoy the fun and satisfaction that only a close-knit sports community can bring. Made up of hockey parents, coaches, players, and hockey fans, our team knows which products will matter most to you. When you choose our subscription services, you are guaranteed a box of fun, useful, and surprising hockey products that are sure to make every member of your family smile—whether they’re 7 or 75 years old!

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Live Your Hockey Dreams

At Pond Hockey, our “goal” is to support and encourage every player’s hope of becoming the next “great one.” Our team is always here cheering loudly from the stands, motivating you to unlock your full potential, and supplying you with the best hockey equipment to help you succeed. Think of Pond Hockey Subscription as a Thunder Stick that arrives on your doorstep once every quarter—bringing with it joy, the love of hockey, and a few surprise items!

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We’ve experienced firsthand how happy hockey can make families. When one family member picks up the stick, the entire family becomes a part of the hockey community. At Pond Hockey Subscription, we constantly strive to deliver products that inspire both players, fans, and supporting family members across Canada.

Each Pond Hockey Box contains 4 to 6 items. You will receive a delivery once every quarter: in March, June, September, and December. We don’t list every item in our boxes because everyone knows nothing beats a surprise hockey gift. However, if you want to know what is in a box before making a purchase, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Surprise your loved ones with unique gifts and make hockey a fun experience for the whole family with Pond Hockey Subscription Box!

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Pond Hockey Subscription Boxes

When it comes to hockey products, you can’t do better than Pond Hockey! Sign up for our subscription boxes and enjoy the best of hockey equipment and apparel every quarter!

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